Hypoglycemia Assessment and Management Tool

Do you know which of your patients with diabetes are at risk for episodes of severe hypoglycemia? Are your patients prepared to prevent and manage hypoglycemia? Use this tool to assess a patient’s risk and ensure they are prepared.

To start, click on one of the four assessment areas below:

Assessing Risk of Hypoglycemia
Prescribing Glucagon for At-risk Patients
Selecting and Recommending Glucagon
Patient and Caregiver Education
What to know about this tool:
  • Each assessment area asks you several questions about your patient
  • After each section is completed, you will receive recommendations and resources to enhance your practice
  • Go ‘Back to Home’ to access a different assessment area
  • You can complete all assessment areas or just sections that are relevant to your patient

Please save this assessment tool and share with your colleagues.